About Us

The Bay Area USBC Association is constantly working to be of service to the bowlers of our association. As part of this effort, your association offers you the following services:

  1. Measures and inspects lanes for USBC Certification.
  2. Assigns at least one member of the Board of Directors as a House Representative in each establishment for the purpose of helping you with your league operations.
  3. Processes all league certification applications to the USBC.
  4. Promotes and conducts the Annual City Championship, Mixed Tournament and the Annual Awards Banquet.
  5. Distributes league supplies to all league secretaries.
  6. Maintains individual averages for all members.
  7. Publishes an Annual Yearbook showing all the averages of member bowlers and other activities of the Bay Area USBC Association.
  8. Interprets rules, and furnishes counsel and guidance to assist members and leagues in settling problems.
  9. Conducts hearings relative to infractions of USBC and Bay Area Association rules.
  10. Provides Local Association Awards to recognize outstanding achievements of sanctioned members.